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Enter a ticker symbol above to see stock market data including short interest, short volume, fails to deliver, stock borrow availability, fee and rebate rates, and much more.

  • Short interest is updated twice per month and is sourced from FINRA.
  • The stock borrow availability as well as the fee and rebate rates are updated every 15 minutes during each market session.
  • Our short volume and short sales data are from exchanges such as NYSE, NASDAQ, and CBOE. The short interest data are from multiple sources.
  • The short interest data also include consummated dark pool trade data.
  • More about short interest reporting
  • Fails to deliver data are available twice per month and come from the SEC.

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    Tickers of Interest

    AGFY Borrow Data IRMD Borrow Data GCBC Short Interest MESA Short Interest PIM Short Interest
    NSIT Short Volume SCVL Fails to Deliver SCS Short Interest HMNF Fails to Deliver TWOU Borrow Data